Employee Assistance Programs

What is a Union EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?

A Union EAP works for you, not Rutgers.  Union EAPs work in conjunction with your union representatives to protect your job and your health.  You have access to 24/7 assistance with all the union EAPs listed below.  The services provided are confidential and at no cost to you by utilizing insurance and leave entitlements that you already have.  Union EAPs can assist if disciplinary charges have been levied and can help protect your job.  A medical defense strategy utilizing federal laws such as ADA, FMLA, and Chapter 69 may be used to protect you and your job.

Employer EAPs

Employer EAP’s work for the employer.  The confidentiality of an employer EAP may not be the same as a union EAP.  Employer EAPs do not provide job protection advocacy.

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