What Flexible Work Arrangement changes or improvements would you like to see implemented?

Less in-office hours during the summer months – unless necessary. CS

More remote days or fully remote. NA

Take half-hour lunches and be able to leave earlier to beat traffic. Work from home 3 days a week. BP

Permanent work and for those that are NL it should be 2 days in office and 3 remote. AT

2 days in person, not 3. AP

Increased remote days. RG
Increase remote work days to 3-4 days in the summer. KC

I would like the guarantee that our flex schedule will be made permanent. TE

In my office we are all working from home every Friday, in addition to our regular hybrid schedule.  The effect is that I alternate 3 days in the office one week with two days in the office the next. RB

I would like to see two days in office and three remote. Unless I am teaching an in-person class which is only once a month there’s no reason for me to sit in an empty office. All my other work is on my laptop. NK

Three days remote; two days on campus. KJ

One or two days at work place and remote for the rest of the days. DN

Three days remote; two onsite. PC

Work more days from home. KD

One day on site/four days remote. VW

More remote work, especially for July and August. MV

Besides the possibility of working more days at home I don’t really have any specific ideas on improvements that can be made…As different departments have different needs and are busy at different times during the year it would be helpful to be able to have that flexibility without it being denied. It is entirely possible that this happened before the seasonal provision was added to the flex work arraignment program. MJ

Would like seasonal telework. Next contract, we need to get rid of the total supervisor discretion on this stuff. JO

Work from home 3 or 4 days a week. KD

Fewer required days on-site. If we were trusted to work remote the entire pandemic, why are we not trusted to do it now? If there are specific people who are not utilizing their time wisely while working from home, it should be addressed on an individual basis by their directors–the entire university shouldn’t be penalized because 10 people are untrustworthy. TD

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More remote days. JK

4 days remote work. KL

More opportunity to work remotely. JP

I’d like to see Flexible work arrangements during the Summer months. KM

Have supervisors make the decision at the discretion of the needs of their department and not have a “one fits all” arrangement for entire school. AE

Keeping 2 days at home and 3 in the office. AL

2-3 remote days per week on the summer. MB

I hope that Flexwork only improves to offer employees more work from home days/week as options in weekly work schedule. JS

Three day remote/two days in office. AH

I’d like to see other staff in various departments have their needs met – I work in a very progressive department where flexing time is never questioned as long as our work is being completed at the appropriate deadlines. It seems to me that people are more productive when that are given autonomy to choose how they dress and where they complete their work. JL

I would like to see a push for a 4-day work week for a majority of staff at Rutgers. CW

I do not like how strict my boss is with the flex work arrangement. It is not flexible at all. If I need to work from home a day for whatever reason we are not allowed to switch a day. If I am sick but just enough that I have a cough and runny nose it would be better to work from home but I am not allowed if it is not my scheduled work from home day, I would need to use a sick day. I have too much work to take a sick day when my brain is still working properly. I interact with lots of departments on campus. Mine seems to be the only one that is strict with the schedule. Even the other side of the floor seems to be more flexible than our team. We aren’t allowed to work from home on both Monday and Friday. You have to pick one. People laugh from other departments when I tell them this. In the summer this will be especially pointless because no one is on campus. I often work more hours in a day. Having the ability to work 10+ hours a day to then get an extra day off in a week would be very beneficial to me. We are not busy in the summer. It just seems like many other departments are not following the rules in place. I almost feel like we are being punished at times for other people in my department taking advantage of the Flex arrangements we use to have. TF

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My experience with the FWAs has been positive so far. SM

Flexible work is not one size fits all. I would rather come in for a purpose rather just to sit in an office all day just to sit in an office because someone decided we need to come in on three set days. A day or two should be set by the office where everyone is in. It is frustrating to have a Zoom meeting that could have been in person, but is on Zoom because it is one person’s WFH day. It should not be set days but change week to week based on need. It should be 2 set days and then additional as needed. The third day truly just frustrates people especially in offices that have little to no student interaction. I rush to leave my home where I get all my work done to sit in an office with no heat, no windows and have zero interaction with people. Make it make sense.     This is especially true for the summer season. No one is on campus. I essentially drive to work to sit in a practically empty office. It is infuriating. I believe very strongly in Flexible Work Arrangements and flexible/hybrid schedules. Frankly it is miserable being a fulltime working parent and the sad thing is that is doesn’t have to be, but society keeps going back to the old way of working while the world has changed drastically. When we get to work our lives outside do not disappear and everyone needs to remember that. I need to rush in the morning to sit in an office with zero in person meeting or collaboration. Essentially doing what I can do at home but waste time, money and stress. We constantly hear “wellness” frankly wellness for many is not having to come in for no reason. It is tiring, stressful and frustrating. NG

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I would like to work remote 3 days a week. CB

Would like to have the option of 4-day work-week with 2 on campus, 2 off-campus with longer days on each of those 4 days to promote better work-life balance and also as a way for commuters to save on gas/expenses. MB

Where appropriate, I think everyone should be offered an additional wfh day during summer semester. It is the slowest time for some offices. It could easily be worked around to ensure someone is always in the office during business hours, or specific remote only days for the office could be implemented if needed. MG

I would like the opportunity to work from home in the summer most days of the week. All classes are remote and staff meetings are both in person and online and there are no in person events so there is no reason to make my 120 mile (round trip) commute. TJ

Let the current hybrid schedules remain in place and let the department heads and employees devise and agree on a schedule based on the needs of the department. TB

When I started at Rutgers my department was 3 days remote 2 days in the office, I would like to see it go back to this. My particular department is not student facing and most of the work is done independently and I don’t see the value in being in the office. EV

I want Rutgers to stop acting like this is a temporary measure. Also being remote two days one week and three the next will be cool. HF

Ability to work compressed work week during summer guaranteed or ability to have three remote days. MM

Greater flexibility with remote work based on job task and needs of the office. As an example, I am required to be in-person 3 days a week. However, the majority of my job tasks can be performed remotely. I would like to see FWA implement changes that require staff ‘depending on duties’ to have the option for in-office once a month as opposed to 12-15 days a month. SJ