URA Staff Senators Elected

Congratulations to members Siatta Davis and URA Building Representative Fadi Kayyal for winning election to the Rutgers University Senate. The Senate serves as the “principal advisory body to the president and on certain issues exercises legislative authority delegated to it by the Board of Governors.”

In his campaign statement, Kayyal said, “As a Staff Senator, I am committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of our staff community, ensuring that our voices are heard, and our contributions are recognized since we have reached a point of critical mass here at Rutgers regarding institutional spending in various areas of the university. I am passionate about fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where every staff member feels valued and empowered to thrive professionally.

Davis said, “Do we embody shared governance when staff are not represented? A beloved community is a noble ideal, arguably, yet to be realized. I’m committed to contributing to this exemplar. I co-authored a resolution in the Senate that passed with overwhelming majority to support adding a seat for staff on the BoG. Incorporating staff representation on our governing boards enhances the governance structure and provides a channel for valuable perspectives of our staff.” 

The next Senate meeting is Friday, April 26. Find the agenda and more about the University Senate for more information.