Staff Compensation Program (SCP)

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The Staff Compensation Program (SCP) is the annual performance evaluation process. The SCP process was formerly known as Pay for Performance (P4P). The names (SCP and P4P) are holdovers from the years when there was a merit-based component for raises. After we analyzed the impact of merit-based raises, we found that managers allocated them inconsistently and inequitably, so we no longer tie compensation to performance. 

By May 15 you should be notified of your performance evaluation rating – either meet standards or does not meet standards, for each key duty and overall. Your signature on the SCP does not necessarily indicate agreement with your evaluation. If you disagree with your supervisor’s evaluation or rating, you can sign “Receipt only” on the employee signature line. You should also write and attach your explanation and comments to document why you disagree. Make sure you request and keep a copy of the final evaluation with all signatures and attachments. 

Note that there is a check box in Section 3 that indicates that performance standards and expectations for next year’s evaluation process are being modified. If the standards and expectations are being changed significantly, ask that your Classification and Recruitment Form (CARF) be updated to reflect the changes. These changes may also be justification for a reclassification (self-initiated or department-initiated), or in-range/grade adjustment.