Say ‘No’ to health insurance increases

Your health insurance costs are going up unless we act together to stop it. We call on all URA negotiations unit employees to Call the Governor to say “No” to health insurance cost increases!

The NJ State Health Benefits Commission received a preliminary recommendation to increase premiums for state and local government health benefits plans by approximately 21% starting in 2023. These are preliminary recommendations; no final rates have been set yet. The recommendations and the data on which they are based are under close review now.

Despite the State surplus over the past fiscal year and the amount of Federal aid that has come to NJ, Horizon and the Governor’s office is proposing to increase your health insurance simply because our members are using the benefits they already pay into now that doctors offices and hospitals have opened back up. 

We are asking all URA negotiations unit employees to call the Governor’s office and let him know this is unacceptable. Use savings from 2020 and 2021.  Use federal COVID funds to cover increases in costs. 

Call the Governor’s office now at 833–479‑1993!


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