Retirees Receive Retro Raises



“I was so thankful to hear we would be receiving retro pay,” said Sylvia Krieger, who retired from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) on Busch Campus last July. “I didn’t think I would see that happen and was grateful to hear you fought for us to get it.”

Due to the timing of the agreement of the URA contract and member ratification, URA members who retired in July, August or September were told by UHR that they were ineligible for the FY23 4% raise.

After months of fighting with management, URA won retirees from those months the 4% raises retroactively. Especially for PERS retirees, this win will have a direct and permanent benefit on pension earnings. 

URA advocacy doesn’t end when members separate from Rutgers. If there are wrongs, we continue to fight, and those fights can take years for a remedy.

Krieger said she plan to use the money for a trip. “Thank you for fighting for us,” she said. “I really recommend that those who are not members of the union, should join,” she said. “You will get what you deserve and not being in the union, you will not have anyone advocating for you.”