Building on the experience of working remotely to keep university operations going during the shutdown of campus operations, many members are currently working 1-2 days per week at a home office or other suitable work location with the approval of a department head, or even 3-4 days with the approval of a department head and cabinet officer.

These work schedules are considered “hybrid” meaning a mix of working at an assigned work location (such as campus) with remote (such as home) the other days.

Short term “Ad-Hoc” agreements to allow for remote work for limited time can also be reached with a supervisor. The agreement has flexibility to allow for seasonal and emergency conditions to be a factor and even has a more restrictive outline for a fully remote schedule (five days per week), although that requires high-levels of permissions.

According to university management, a survey of the impact of flexible work arrangements was “overwhelmingly positive” with many students noting “an improved campus experience with faculty and staff available in hybrid modalities to address their student and academic service needs.”

One concept URA members should remember is that requests for flexible work arrangements “shall not be unreasonably denied.” Every job in every department is not going to be eligible for hybrid schedules for remote work all the time, but a process is in place to preserve this mutually beneficial practice in our contract