Side Letter Agreement Between URA‐AFT (Union) and Rutgers University (Rutgers) Regarding Union Initiation Fees and Assessments

November 28, 2007

To the extent permitted by law, the Union and Rutgers agree that if in the future union initiation fees or assessments are established by the Union, Rutgers will deduct said fees or assessments from the bi‐weekly paycheck of union members in the bargaining unit as follows. The payroll deduction shall commence no sooner than thirty (30) days after receipt by Rutgers from the Union of a voluntary written authorization for such deduction(s) from each employee for whom such a deduction shall be made. The voluntary written authorization shall set forth the bi‐weekly amount to be deducted.

The written authorization may be cancelled and the deduction terminated upon receipt by Rutgers of written notice of such cancellation by the employee.

Amounts deducted pursuant to this side letter agreement shall be remitted by Rutgers to the Union every four (4) weeks together with a list of the names of employees from whose pay such deductions were made.

The Union hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless the University from any claim, suit or action, or judgments, including reasonable costs of defense which may be brought at law or in equity, or before any administrative agency, with regard to or arising from the deduction from salaries of any employee of any sum of money deducted under the provisions of this side letter agreement.

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