Article 50 – Union Security

A. Union Dues

Rutgers agrees to deduct from the paycheck the biweekly union dues of each bargaining unit member, as defined herein, who furnishes a voluntary written authorization to the URA-AFT for such deduction, on a form acceptable to Rutgers. The URA-AFT shall remit signed authorization forms to the Office of University Labor Relations. Employees who have authorized the payroll deduction of dues to the URA-AFT may revoke such authorization by providing written notice to the Office of University Labor Relations and to the Union during the ten (10) days following each anniversary date of their employment. An employee’s notice of revocation of authorization for the payroll deduction of union dues shall be effective on the 30th day after the employee’s anniversary date of employment. The amount of union dues to be deducted by Rutgers from the bargaining unit member’s paycheck shall be in such amount as may be certified to Rutgers by the URA-AFT at least thirty (30) days prior to the date on which deduction of union dues is to be made. Deduction of union dues made pursuant hereto shall be remitted by Rutgers to the URA-AFT every four (4) weeks together with a list of the names of bargaining unit members from whose pay such deductions were made.

If after Rutgers receives a proper notice from an employee revoking dues authorization, Rutgers mistakenly deducts dues from the employee and transmits dues to the URA-AFT, the union shall be solely responsible for returning to the employee the dues it has received under the provisions of this Agreement.

B. Indemnification

The URA-AFT hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless the University from any claim, suit or action, or judgments, which may be brought at law or in equity or before any administrative agency with regard to or arising from the deduction from the salaries of any employee of any sum of money as dues under the provisions of this Agreement.

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