Article 40 – Salary Grade Structure and New Job Titles

I. Salary Grades

All positions in the bargaining unit are assigned to one of the salary grades in existence prior to certification of the URA-AFT as the exclusive representative and these salary grade assignments shall continue unless changed pursuant to the position reclassification system set forth in Article 35.

There is a minimum, midpoint and maximum salary for each salary grade. The salary grades for each year of this Agreement are attached in Appendix E.

The job titles included in this bargaining unit as of the effective date of this Agreement and the corresponding salary grades are attached in Appendix F.

II. New Job Titles

New job titles established by the University after the effective date of this Agreement that are included in the URA-AFT bargaining unit shall be assigned a salary grade by the University according to its position classification system. The University then will provide the URA-AFT with a copy of the position description and the salary grade that has been assigned. Within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of this information, URA-AFT may ask UHR that the salary grade assigned to the new position be reconsidered. URA-AFT may submit any relevant information to UHR to be considered in its reconsideration. UHR will inform URA- AFT of the result of this reconsideration and will provide a written explanation why the salary grade assigned is appropriate. If the salary grade is different than the salary grade originally assigned, salary adjustments, if any, shall be implemented in accordance with Article 39 – Salary Adjustments.

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