Article 35 – Reclassification

Position Classification/Reclassification Definition

The process determines the appropriate classification and grade for new, vacant, and encumbered staff positions through a review of the position’s duties and responsibilities. A review will be conducted whenever a new position is created or when the functions of an existing position (either vacant or encumbered) change significantly and either the position holder and/or the department requests a re- evaluation of the position grade. Classification reviews focus solely on the contents of the position, not the performance, length of service, or personal qualifications of the employee. Major classification factors considered are:

• Knowledge

− Education & skills required

− Determination of technical depth, breadth, and relation skills

• Problem solving

− Environment – whether routine, standard, or broadly defined

• Accountability

− Autonomy, freedom to act, impact on organization, authority

When the department initiates a reclassification, the employee shall receive a copy of the job description when finalized.

Process for Self-Initiated Reviews

  1. An employee may self-initiate a request for reclassification of their position, not more than once in a twelve (12) month period, by preparing the appropriate forms and submitting them to UHR. A supervisory signature is required prior to UHR review to confirm that the duties, responsibilities and requirements are accurately stated. The supervisor will provide a signature acknowledgment, electronic or otherwise, and whether or not the duties, responsibilities and requirements are accurately stated no later than thirty (30) days from when the employee presents the supervisor with the forms for review. All employee requests shall receive an email acknowledgement of receipt within five (5) working days upon receipt to UHR.

    2. The review shall be completed with in eight (8) weeks of receipt by UHR. If a self-initiated request for reclassification is denied, a written explanation will be provided to the employee and the Union. The written explanation shall include a list of all documents used in the review.

    3. The employee may appeal if dissatisfied with the result of the UHR review by submitting a written request to UHR stating the basis for the appeal and including appropriate documentation. Appeal requests are to be submitted within six (6) weeks of notification of the original classification. UHR will conduct a telephone interview with the employee as part of the appeal process.

    4. UHR will complete the appeal review within 8 weeks of receipt of the appeal request with an extension of thirty (30) calendar days if necessary.

    5. The compensation for reclassifications to another grade will be effective retroactively to the payroll week start date following receipt of the completed request-for-reclassification materials by UHR.

    6. The UHR website shall include guidance on how to prepare a self-initiated reclassification request.

    7. UHR will provide an email address on the UHR website where self-initiated reclassification requests may be submitted as set forth in paragraph 1 of this article. Receipt of the self-initiated reclassification request in the designated email box will constitute notification to UHR and initiates the time frame set forth in paragraph 2 of this article.

    8. UHR shall provide a written explanation to an employee if it is determined during the appeal review that an employee’s salary grade has been retained. The written explanation shall include a list of all documents used in the review.

    9. When a final determination leads to a new CARF, the employee and the union shall be provided with the new CARF. In addition, if a final determination leads to a change in title or salary, the employee and union will receive the title, corresponding salary, and effective date of the changes.

    10.If the union files a grievance to enforce this article, and it proceeds to arbitration, an arbitrator’s remedial authority is limited to remanding for a new review in compliance with the above definitions and processes.

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