Article 30 – Personnel Files

Only employees deemed as authorized by the University shall have access to employee personnel files. All employees shall have reasonable access to their central personnel files to review their employee records. The request for review of such records shall be made in writing in advance to UHR and such review shall be during regular office hours. An employee may respond in writing to any document in the file. Such response shall become a part of the file.

In addition, upon a specific written request by an employee, the URA-AFT, through a designated steward or URA-AFT officer, shall have the right to review that employee’s file. Such request for review shall state the reason for the request and shall be scheduled in advance with UHR and shall take place during regular business hours. Grievances shall not be a part of the employee’s personnel file. When any such documents are found in the central personnel file, they shall be removed.

When a new position is posted, the job description provided in the job posting will be made a permanent part of the personnel file of whoever is hired for the position. The employee’s central personnel file will be maintained by UHR. This information will be made available to the employee within seven days of a written request.

Employees may request a copy of their position description from the format in which it exists from their supervisor. If requested by an employee, the position description will be placed in the employee’s central personnel file.

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