Article 27 – Non-Hostile Work Environment

The university and the union agree that the working environment shall be characterized by mutual respect for the common dignity to which all individuals are entitled. It is therefore agreed that oral, physical or written harassment of an employee or a supervisor is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Any claims of a violation of this provision by employees covered by this agreement shall be the subject of a Labor Management Conference. A full and fair investigation into any alleged violations of this provision shall be the sole and exclusive duty of the university.

The Labor Management Conference shall be presided over by the Office of University Labor Relations and attended by the employee who made the claim(s), a representative or representatives of the union, a representative or representatives of the department associated with the alleged violation. Any mutual agreements reached at a Labor Management Conference at which representatives of the Office of University Labor Relations are present will be reduced to writing within fourteen (14) days. Such agreement shall be enforceable and binding on the parties to the agreement.

Should a particular supervisor or employee be the subject of more than one allegation under this Article and should the parties at a Labor Management Conference (see Article 20) agree that responsive action by the University is warranted to address a claimed violation of this Article in more than one such instance, then repeated or continuing behavior by the same supervisor or employee may be grieved pursuant to Article 14.

The parties also acknowledge that the University Policy Prohibiting Harassment (University Policy Library Section 60.1.12) prohibits harassment based on certain enumerated protected categories. Employees may use the University Harassment Complaint Process to report and remedy complaints covered by the Policy Prohibiting Harassment.

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