Contract Education: Article 19, Just Cause/Discipline

One of the most important articles in our contract is Article 19, Just Cause & Discipline.  This article ensures that “no employee shall be discharged, suspended, disciplined, or receive a deficiency downgrade except for just cause.” Additionally, both URA and Rutgers University “affirm the concept of progressive discipline.”

The language of this article means that supervisors cannot discipline or discharge union members for trivial or manufactured reasons. They must provide evidence for any disciplinary actions. Additionally, except in cases of egregious misconduct, supervisors must follow the following disciplinary steps: a verbal warning, a written warning, a suspension, and termination
In our newest contract, we also clarified that a verbal warning must also be stated as a verbal warning when it is issued. 

These steps are also clearly laid out on UHR’s website, except that the new language clarifying what a verbal warning is has not been added. Our union has been able to roll back discipline in the past when these steps have not been followed.

See the most updated version of Just Cause in our 2022-2026 contract.