Article 5 – Auto Liability and Indemnification

An employee may use their personal vehicle on Rutgers business only where advance approval is given by the employee’s supervisor.

When driving on Rutgers business, employees must carry a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. New Jersey residents must carry a New Jersey Insurance Identification Card. Privately owned motorcycles shall not be used on Rutgers business.

In the event of an accident involving injuries or damages to other persons or property while operating a privately-owned vehicle on Rutgers business, the employee must notify the Department of University Risk Management and Insurance.

The university shall indemnify the employee for any act or omission arising out of and in the course of the performance of the employee’s duties to the full extent permitted by the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, and any amendments thereto, and as prescribed by the University’s Indemnification Policy (University Policy Library Section 50.3.3). See Appendix A. An employee request for indemnification shall be made promptly in writing to the Office of Senior Vice President and General Counsel. The financial loss for damage to a privately-owned vehicle used on Rutgers business is not reimbursable by the university.

A supervisor may request that an employee use their personal vehicle for University business. The employee may decline such a request.

The University must indicate in a job posting if use of a personal vehicle is required.

Use of a personal vehicle for university business is eligible for reimbursement pursuant to University Policy 40.4.1.

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