• Communications
  • Elections
  • Finance
  • Grievance
  • Health and Safety
  • Organizing
  • Political Education

The Communications Committee shall design, produce and distribute regular communications to the membership and other printed material for the organization as necessary; and shall present the views of the organization on both a regular and special basis to the print and electronic media, other labor and community organizations and the general public. Chair:  Isaac Jimenez & Jack Ouligian

The Elections Committee shall conduct and supervise all elections of the organization.

The Finance Committee shall assist the Executive Board in the preparation of the annual budget and shall identify, and with the approval of the Executive Board, pursue activities to generate revenues for the good and welfare of the organization. Chair: Justin Esperon (Treasurer)

The Grievance Committee shall work with the stewards in the resolution of contractual and non-contractual disputes in the workplace; shall maintain records of grievances and their disposition; shall be responsible for the processing of grievances and disputes beyond the immediate work location; and shall make decisions regarding disputes to be taken to arbitration or civil remedy. The grievant may appeal these last decisions to the Executive Board. Chair: Lucye Millerand (Executive Vice President); Email:

The Health and Safety Committee shall promote safety awareness and identify and recommend possible solutions to address occupational health, safety, and security concerns. The Chair of the Health and Safety Committee shall represent the organization in labor-management meetings on these topics. Email:

The Legislative Committee shall be responsible for monitoring government actions that may affect the membership and develop appropriate responses to such action in cooperation with affiliated organizations.

The Organizing Committee shall assist the stewards in developing programs and activities that shall cause all eligible persons to join and participate in the organization.

The Committee on Political Education (“COPE”) shall secure voluntary contributions to support the political work of the organization; screen and recommend endorsement of candidates for local, state and federal office to the Executive Board; educate members on the issues of import to the organization, its membership and clients; and develop programs to promote the registration of persons to vote and to support the election of candidates who support the interests of the organization, its membership and the people they serve.