2022 to 2026 contract

Staff Compensation Program; Appeal or Addendum?

URA contract’s Article 41 Salary Improvements and Appendix H governs when and how our annual evaluations are done. The evaluation should be based on the performance standards established by the department and any modifications and additions should have been communicated throughout the year. Members should have a meeting with their supervisor to review the appraisal before May 15. Members who are not completely satisfied with the appraisal have the right to write an addendum to be attached to the appraisal before going to file. Adding an addendum creates the paper trail that challenges a “does not meet standards” on one or more of the key duties in the appraisal with documentation and data. Members can also request an appeal of their review by using Appendix H in our contract if one of the following occurred:

  1. That program procedures were not followed; or
  2. That there was a demonstrable factual inconsistency in the employee’s evaluation; or
  3. That they were not evaluated according to the performance standards for their job.

If you are interested in either of these processes, please reach out to union@ura-aft.org and we will provide assistance as needed.