Excessive workload

Schedule A ‘Pushing Back On Excessive Workload’ Workshop

What has changed in your job at your time at Rutgers? Are you doing more of the same work or have you taken on more responsible projects? Were you assigned “pandemic” related changes that never went back to “normal”? 

These questions and many more were the topic of one campus workshop at Murray Hall Wednesday, Feb. 7. 

Participants from across the campus talked about “mission creep” resulting from management leaving positions unfilled, and  work that is “pushed down” from one division to another.  “I’m literally doing the work two people were doing recently,” said one member, “and they are not moving to fill that position.” 

Union Executive VP Lucye Millerand advised members to track time and tasks carefully. “When we take on other’s work, we give management an incentive to keep understaffing. If one of us can do the work of two ,   why should management hire two ?  “ 

From contractual and legal remedies to demand fairness, overtime pay or time-and-a-half compensatory time, to setting personal boundaries and taking action as a department, multiple solutions were discussed for time-crunched members. 

Thanks to Department Representative Arly Rubens and Campus VP Leigh-Anne Cobb for scheduling the in-person and hybrid session. 

If it sounds like you and the URA members in your department would benefit from this educational and informative workshop, work with your steward or building rep and email union@ura-aft.org to schedule a session.