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Visit to see descriptions of the programs and services associated with being a member of the American Federation of Teachers, as a member of URA-AFT.

We understand the power of joining together—in our work, in our communities and in the marketplace. At the AFT, we have our own marketplace—AFT + Member Benefits—which combines the purchasing power of the AFT’s 1.7 million members with the benefit offerings of Union Plus, the AFL-CIO’s benefit arm. This gives you a rich array of discounts, services and benefits that go beyond the workplace. Many of these programs are available to family members, too.

In the last few years, we have added new benefits that meet the moment, such as free trauma counseling to support recovery from personal and workplace challenges and Summer to minimize student loan repayments.

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Local Benefits

In addition to the national benefits, forms and details of benefits specific to URA-AFT members provided by the local are available at Member Benefits including Vision Care Reimbursement and Defensive Driving Training Reimbursement.