Q: How Are You More Productive Working Remotely? A…

Several hundred members have thus far have completed the Seasonal Hybrid/Remote Work Survey. Based on preliminary analysis, it’s safe to say that most respondents like working remotely, want more remote days and greater flexibility in scheduling hours for those who can’t work remote yet. In addition, almost all respondents report being more efficient on remote work days and with flexible hours, offering the following commonsense arguments for expanding the practices.

We will have a more comprehensive report back on the overall results, but for now, here are your comments and those of other union siblings.

I am more comfortable and can think out loud which helps me concentrate more. BP

The overall flexibility and not fighting the traffic, which in itself is lengthy, to get to the office. There are no interruptions throughout the day and you can focus more on the task at hand. The day may be a bit longer but time flies and I feel more accomplished. AT

More gets done at home. AM

I can get my work done even on days I may have to pick up my kids and I don’t have to request an early dismissal so I have more hours of work time most of the days I’m not commuting. TE

I start early and I am on my computer after work hours answering emails and doing tasks. KC 

I am far more efficient and better at multitasking when working at home.  RB

I start very early when I don’t have travel into campus. KJ

Cut down on commute time. JO

No distractions. DN

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I usually work longer hours because I do not have to take the travel or get ready in the morning. Also, I am not stressed from the rush hour traffic in the morning. KD

Saves time on commute. No distractions. Less chances of catching airborne viruses. BM

No travel time/traffic, no interruptions from co-workers so more focus. VW

I don’t have coworkers visiting me and talking to me, so I can work alone. KD

I can do more trainings when I’m at home since I do most of my trainings via Webex or Zoom and often have to book a conference room to do these sessions when I’m in the office. A conference room for one person is not good use of space. But doing these trainings at home, where I’m not disturbing anyone, is so helpful and productive! TD

Less interruptions and with not commuting I’m more well rested on those days. JK

Less distractions, easier to focus and home in on assignments. JP

My WFH work environment temperature is comfortable and stable compared to the office temperature that is unpredictable and either too cold or too hot. LS

My position doesn’t entail a lot of face-to-face interaction. Even more so after the Spring Semester has ended as most of the students/faculty are out of the building. KM

No interruptions while working at home.  Quieter environment to concentrate without interruptions. AL

Less distractions; no commute and no traffic issues; spend more time in front of computer screen doing work while being logged in earlier and staying logged in later; relaxed dress code so no stress in deciding what to wear except when officially on camera for virtual meetings and that’s what’s-up, LOL! ST

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Don’t waste time commuting. MB

I feel as though my productivity is a little better at home because I do not have people stopping by my desk for assistance. MS

No commute time. JS

No distractions, it removes the commute time taken that I am able to use towards working. CK

Less stress from overbearing director. AH

I like both, for me the changes in scenery is helpful. JL

No commute so I have more time to work. I am not interrupted by noise or other people talking to me. Just walking in from the parking lot to my building takes away time from what I could be getting done at home. TF

I spend less time commuting. I get more work done at home because at the office if people are in time is wasted talking and chatting. NG

I actually work longer hours by choice so I can get more work done by saving driving time. CB

I focus better in my own environment. MG

I have a 120 mile commute (round trip), my day is easier and more productive when I do not have to do that commute. TJ

Less disruptions, no stress from commute, better mindset, working at own pace. TB

My commute is an hour and I start the day stressed and at the end of the day I am packing up to ensure I am out at exactly at 4:30 whereas when I am home I work until 4:30 because I do not have to worry about rushing to beat traffic home. EV

Less distractions, phone calls etc. HF

I am able to flex my time and work on projects when I am at my maximum working levels.  I take a shorter lunch and have no commute time associated with my remote schedule, which allows me to start earlier/stop later based on my needs. MM