Members Call for Flexibility In Contract

As part of the pressure to reach an agreement, URA members wrote postcards to management to complete the thought…”We need comprehensive, negotiated telecommuting language immediately because:..” The first batch is excerpted with the author’s initials. More will be included as we roll out additional articles.

Staff are the reason the campus is able to run smoothly. The campus is able to still run efficiently with the pilot program. A permanent telecommuting program will allow RU to reduce unnecessary expenses. AE

It is a DEI supportive measure. SY

– Telecommuting is an effective means to meet and achieve goals. Telecommuting doesn’t impact the university negatively as work towards the mission remains at the forefront as evidenced by top ratings and recognition. SD

–  We have proved we are productive. This has happened for three years and our numbers have been met!  AN 

–   It makes the work environment more flexible and better work space. It’s 2024. C’mon.  GB 

– Not codifying these policies prevents staff from truly being able to take advantage of these flexibilities without fear of retribution from managers.  ZL 

– There are some days where there is no need to be in the office—work can be done remotely from home. Telecommuting also saves gas, time and congestion on campus.  MB 

– With a more flexible schedule and not having to deal with commuting, workers can be more productive.  AK 

–  I am able to get more time for work at home without the 45+ minute commute each way.  KH 

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– I feel by not commuting, I save time and can be more productive.  PM 

– I’m able to focus and complete accounting/fiscal assignments without interruptions.  AA 

 To save on gas/money. More work is done!  LC 

 I want it in my contract and the flex schedule has helped my mental health.  JR 

– Technology now allows organizations to meet goals and advance the mission of the organization without the need to be in person 5 days per week. Telecommuting has and will continue to help workers create a better work life balance and help Rutgers bolster recruitment and retention in a changing and competitive workforce.  SD 

– My mental health is better when I get back 3+ hours of commute time a week! I need more than a pilot program. MM 

– People are concerned that the extended pilot program could be ended at any time. We need stability.  MA