Do You Know Where Your Next Raise Is Coming From? Negotiated Raises Effective July 1

Our union contract provides for raises and financial benefits. Our strong membership shows support for fair raises when we return to negotiations. 

From our collective bargaining agreement (contract), Article 41 Salary Improvements

3. Fiscal Year 2025

URA-AFT unit employees shall receive an across the board salary increase in the amount of 3.5%, effective July 1, 2024. To be eligible for this payment, members of the unit must be on the University’s payroll in a URA negotiations unit position on June 30, 2024 and continue to be on the payroll in a URA negotiations unit position on the payment date of the increase. The annual base salaries of record for all unit members will be adjusted accordingly. The new rate of pay will be effective July 1, 2024.

In plain language, because your co-workers in our union have negotiated it, you will receive a 3.5% raise starting July 1.