Dear Supervisor: You Can Approve Seasonal Flexible Work Arrangements

Seasonal modifications are permitted for up to three months per fiscal year in accordance with seasonal departmental business needs, negotiated in Article 59 of the URA-AFT contract. An alternate approach to approving a request is through an Ad Hoc arrangement, which provides temporary arrangement lasting up to four weeks and does not require approval from higher levels of supervision or a formal modification to existing flex work arrangements.  

Some departments may have already agreed upon seasonal flexible work arrangements for summer since fewer students are on campus and less classes are offered. If that is not the case in your department and you can demonstrate that a seasonal flexible work arrangement is being unreasonably denied (for example, not based on departmental needs assessment), URA members should make a written request to work it out with the director.

URA members should collaborate within departments to consider “Questions Your Boss May Be Considering In Approving Flexible Workplace Arrangements – Union of Rutgers Administrators (” and be prepared to document the pieces that fit your respective roles in the FlexWork@RU Department Needs Assessment and Team Agreement (Rutgers).

Pro Tip: Put Your Request In Writing

Download this file and modify it to come from you and whoever else in your department you are applying with. It is important that we refer to the negotiated rights and relevant contractual language is included in the document.

Report Back

Since this is a new program, we are gathering responses to assess whether our members are applying for modifications to their work schedules due to changes in the department’s seasonal business needs. Members may be needed to share our experiences to improve the process and success for all URA members. Share your results to URA using theReport on your Seasonal Flexwork Experience.