Mikaela and Melanie

Correcting Medical Insurance Deductions, Members Speak Out



“When I received my first paycheck of 2024, I noticed that my health insurance deductions had increased significantly,” said Melanie Palm, Assistant Dean (Academic Advisor) at the School of Nursing-Camden. ​”I knew that the deductions should not have changed since I was on the union-negotiated health plan so I reached out to Mikaela Maria for guidance.”

Maria, Camden VP, and others like Jenny Wagner Noonan​, Senior Editorial Media Specialist on Busch Campus, brought the overcharge to the attention of URA President Christine O’Connell. After a brief investigation, O’Connell contacted UHR and demanded a correction.  

“Thousands of dollars were returned to our members,” O’Connell said. “But if you see discrepancies in your paystub, send us an email to union@ura-aft.org so we can demand the correction and put your money back in your pocket.”   

Noonan said, “Our union is our collective voice, and I’m grateful we were able to bring attention to this issue.”