Article 53 – Use of University Facilities, Campus Mail & Equipment

A. Use of University Facilities

Rutgers shall provide authorized representatives of the Union with access to members of the negotiations unit as follows:

  1. The right to meet with individual negotiations unit employees on the premises of Rutgers during the work day to investigate and discuss grievances, workplace-related complaints and other workplace issues.

2. The right to conduct work site meetings during lunch and other non-work breaks, and before and after the workday, on Rutgers premises to discuss workplace issues, collective negotiations, the administration of collective negotiations agreements, other matters related to the duties of the union, and internal Union matters involving the governance or business of the Union.

3. The right to meet with newly-hired negotiations unit employees, without charge to the pay or leave time of the employees, for no more than 120 minutes at a University Human Resources, Human Resources-Newark or Human Resources-Camden new employee orientation. Rutgers shall provide the Union with a list of new negotiation unit employees attending new employee orientation no later than noon of the preceding business day.

4. The access to negotiations unit employees set forth in subsection 1 through 3 above shall be subject to the following: The Union will follow all regular University procedures applicable to reserving and using University buildings, facilities, or rooms. The Union’s access shall not interfere with University operations. All group meetings shall be conducted at reasonable times. The Union may be charged for maintenance, security and other costs related to the use of the building, facility, or room that would not otherwise be incurred by the University.

5. The URA-AFT shall have the right to make reasonable use of the University facilities and equipment, including duplicating, computing and office equipment, and available audiovisual equipment, all in accordance with University procedures. The URA-AFT shall pay reasonable costs as established by the University for the use of equipment.

B. Campus Mail

1. To the extent permitted by law, upon the effective date of this Agreement, the University will carry without charge by University campus mail up to three times per semester the URA-AFT newsletter to its bargaining unit members. The URA-AFT will not send, and the University will not carry, by campus mail any other matter except upon payment of appropriate United States Postal charges.

2. The URA-AFT shall indemnify and save harmless the University against any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, settlements, or any other forms of liability, including reasonable counsel fees and other costs of defense, that shall arise out of or by reason of any action taken by the University to comply with Section B.1. above, including liability for United States Postal charges, or that arise out of or by reason of actions taken by the University in connection with defending the legality of this indemnification provision. The URA-AFT shall remit payment for said fees and costs to the University within 30 days after receipt of a detailed statement of services rendered in connection with said defense. If full payment is not remitted within 30 days, the University’s obligation pursuant to Section B.1. shall be suspended for so long as this statement of services remains unpaid.

The University shall retain its right to determine the course of conduct, including but not limited to, the right to select counsel and determine strategy, in any action arising out of or by reason of the provisions of this Section B.

In the event this indemnification provision is found by any court or administrative agency of competent jurisdiction to be illegal or against public policy, then the University’s obligation under Section B.1 above shall terminate.

C. Electronic Communication

1. The URA-AFT and its officers and stewards shall have the right to use the email systems of the University to communicate with negotiations unit members regarding collective negotiations, the administration of collective negotiations agreements, the investigation of grievances, other workplace-related complaints and issues, and internal union matters involving the governance or business of the union. The Union will comply with all policies and guidelines of the University Office of Information Technology when using the University’s email system.

2. The URA-AFT shall be entitled to utilize services such as online event calendars to notify bargaining unit members of union activities so long as said services are generally available for use by the University community. The URA-AFT further agrees that such use shall conform to any policies and procedures that may be adopted by the University for use of such services and that apply equally to all such notices.

D. The URA-AFT agrees that meetings conducted in Rutgers buildings and other facilities that are owned or leased by Rutgers pursuant to this Article shall not be for the purpose of supporting or opposing any candidate for a partisan political office, or for the purpose of distributing literature or information regarding partisan elections.

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