Article 47 – Union-Employer Information Exchange

A. The URA-AFT agrees to furnish to the University a complete list of all officers and representatives of the URA-AFT, including titles, addresses, campus phone numbers and designation of responsibility, and to keep such list current.

B. The University agrees to furnish to the URA-AFT access, via the Union Library, to a register of the employees covered by this Agreement. The register shall be in the form of an Excel file made available electronically, with the following fields, if the information is on file with the University:

1. Last Name

2. First Name

3. Home Address

4. Title

5. Job Class Code

6. Grade

7. Annual Base Salary

8. Position Number (if applicable)

9. Department

10. Campus Address

11. Campus Phone Extension

12. 10 or 12 month 25. Temporary appointment end date

13. Workweek Designation (if applicable)

14. Percent Time

15. Employment Date

16. Gender

17. Layoff Status and Date

18. Leave Status

19. Retirement Date

20. Home Phone Number

21. Employee’s Office/Room Number 22. Work Email Address

23. Home Email Address

24. Unit-Division-Organization Code

C. The University agrees to provide the URA-AFT, on a monthly basis, with the posted job vacancy notification for every position that was posted in that month and will provide a copy of each generic position summary for union titles when and if they are developed.

D. The University further agrees to provide the URA-AFT, by way of being copied on emails to employees, notifications of all reclassifications within the union and notifications of in-grade salary adjustments within the union.

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