Article 17 – Job Openings

All vacancies for positions within the URA-AFT, including newly created positions within the URA-AFT, will be posted through the University’s applicant tracking system and displayed on the University Human Resources website except in cases of a reclassification of an encumbered URA-AFT position. URA-AFT job postings shall include the classification title, be posted under the job category of “URA-AFT Administrative,” and may include unique recruitment identifiers. These recruitment identifiers will be displayed in parenthesis next to the classification title in the job posting.

For the first five (5) business days from the date of posting, hiring departments will only be able to review URA-AFT internal candidates for vacant and newly created positions which are included in this collective negotiations unit. No external candidates will be interviewed for said vacancies or newly created positions until URA-AFT internal candidates, who have applied during the five (5) business day period, and meet the requisite qualifications, have been considered by the hiring department.

The hiring department shall be required to interview at least two (2) URA-AFT internal candidates who have applied during the five (5) business day period and meet the requisite qualifications as determined by University Human Resources. If there are more than two (2) URA-AFT internal candidates who meet the requisite qualifications, the candidates to be interviewed shall be determined by seniority. If there are less than two (2) URA-AFT candidates who meet the requisite qualification, the candidate who has met the requisite qualifications shall be interviewed.

Candidate selection for all positions will be at the sole and exclusive discretion of the hiring department and shall be based upon the specified criteria for the position. When multiple URA-AFT internal finalist applicants are equally qualified, and the hiring department is selecting one of said internal finalist applicants for the vacant or newly created position referenced above, the most senior internal finalist applicant shall be awarded the position.

When a URA-AFT applicant is not the successful candidate for a position, the applicant shall receive timely notice of same through the applicant tracking system.

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