Article 12 – Division of Dining Services Employees

In order to compensate the Division of Dining Services for meals provided to employees covered under this Agreement, Dining Services employees shall have deduction made from their wages as follows:

For employees working in positions not at Dining Halls [one (1) meal per day]1: $5.25 per day effective July 1, 2020

For employees working in positions at Dining Halls (including but not limited to Chef Manager I, Chef Manager II, Food Production Manager, Dining Hall Supervisor, Asst. Manager Catering, Concessions Supervisor) [two (2) meals per day]2: $7.00 per day effective July 1, 2020

At the close of the fiscal year, employees shall be refunded the deductions for meals made for Dining Services employees covered under this Agreement for those full days on which an employee was absent from work on account of sickness, vacation, or other excused absence under this Agreement.

Employees who work in the offices of the Executive Director, University Sanitarian, RU Express/Meal Card, Dining Marketing, Business Manager, Dining IT, Dining Facilities, Bakery, and Laundry, which are currently housed in non- dining facilities where food is not served (e.g., Records Hall, Ethel Road Warehouse) will be permitted to opt out of automatic deductions altogether once annually during the last calendar week of April by completing the appropriate form (see Appendix B). Such employees may opt back in once annually during the last calendar week of April by using the appropriate form. If an employee is transferred to a non-dining facility where food is not served, the employee may opt out upon starting at the new facility. If an employee who has opted out is transferred to a dining facility where food is served, the employee shall automatically be opted in.

1 Dining Services Employees who are assigned to one of the following locations: Knight Wagon, Starbucks Truck, Dunkin’ Three Chilies Taco Truck, Donuts (Livingston), Sbarro, Starbucks (Livingston), Henry’s Diner, Kilmer’s Market, Douglass Café, Dunkin’ Donuts (Douglass), Red Pine Pizza, Cook Café, Woody’s Café, Rutgers Club, Accounting, Ethel Road Warehouse Facilities (Bake Shop, Laundry, Commissary, and Facilities), Executive Director’s Office, RU-Express, Computer Services, Marketing, Harvest at IFNH, Harvest Juice Bar, Atrium, Café West, Food Buyer’s Office and other cash operations to be opened.

2 Dining Services employees who are assigned to one of the following locations: Brower Commons, Busch Dining Hall, Catering, Livingston Dining Commons, Neilson Dining Hall, and other dining halls to be opened.

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