Acceptable Indoor Work Temperatures

As the weather has been unpredictable lately, the Health and Safety committee reminds members that temperature is a common indoor air quality workplace complaint. One contractual gain is a recognized temperature range based on the Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) standard guidelines of 68-79 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your indoor workspace is outside that range please contact Facilities to report the issue using the online submission portal. You will need to log in with your netID. Since our original announcement of this contract provision, 20 members have taken advantage of the digital thermometers available for members to borrow from the URA Health and Safety committee.

URA Thermometer Request Form

If you have been experiencing issues and wish to borrow a digital thermometer for your workspace please complete this form and a member of the Health and Safety committee will be in touch to get a thermometer to you. Be sure to also reach out to colleagues to see if the issue is widespread and encourage them to fill out the form as well. Once you have your data, submit a work order to facilities and keep a record of the request and response time. If it is a health and safety concern, additionally contact REHS to report. Keep the Health and Safety committee updated so we can assist with following up if needed!